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Kristina Peters


Experiences from timber projects in three Nordic countries.

Arkitema Architects designs timber buildings in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. During the presentation Arkitema will discuss what the design and work process looks like for an architect and project leader in timber projects. Through project examples Arkitema will bring about what the challenges that can be encountered are, and how the work differ in the three Nordic countries.

Kristina Peters is a partner at Arkitema Architects and works as a creative leader as well as business area manager within Arkitema Living. She is responsible for several of Arkitema’s wood projects and is a strong driving force in Arkitema Timber.
Kristina has extensive experience from the entire stage of the architectural process, from early drawing to final design and projecting. Her strength is to develop the housing project to well-planned, qualitative and innovative housing with living environments that enrich the city.

Kristina has a broad competence with experience from a variety of housing projects but is particularly passionate about designing, developing and projecting. Over the years she has worked with residential projects ranging from the small to the large urban scale.


13:30 - 13:55 : Kansainvälinen yhteistyö avain menestykseen (Sali 101ABC)
Experiences from timber buildings from three Nordic countries

Working with high-rise timber buildings requires a different way of working and a new set of skills. Daniela and Kristina will discuss the impact on architects working processes through practical examples in Arkitema Architects recent projects. The focus will be on among others construction system selection, detailing, challenges and possibilities. In early 2018 Arkitema Architects founded a new cross-border competence network, Arkitema Timber, to enable a close knowledge exchange internally and externally.