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Mikko Saavalainen

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Mikko Saavalainen joined Metsä Wood in 2013. He is a member of the Management Team and responsible for a number of business development projects, such as digitalization of the customer experience, marketing and internal process development. Before joining Metsä Wood he held various senior management positions in several companies (e.g. Canon, Comptel). He has also worked as an independent management consultant.

Mr. Saavalainen has a Master Degree in International Marketing from the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki. He has also studied at London Business School, IMD in Lausanne and University of Stockholm.

A successful future demands a fundamental reinvention and rethinking of how we build with wood – by developing prefabricated elements. We need to build faster, more affordably, more efficiently and more openly.

That’s why Metsä Wood launched the Open Source Wood Initiative.

Open source in wood construction fosters innovation and increases knowledge.

Currently, not nearly enough knowledge about modular wood design and building is shared, so wood construction remains a limited sector of the construction industry. There is plenty of innovation, but it’s often not so easy to find. By sharing our best ideas and solutions openly we will deliver significantly increased growth.



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